Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024

Hoon Payon

Get ready for some thrills, chills, and laughs as the director of the Pee Nak trilogy returns with a Thai horror mystery movie tinged with some comedy. In an atmospheric and scary film, a handful of handsome boys get chased Scooby Doo-style by a fearsome golem while investigating a series of murders.

The suspense starts when a young man named Tham travels to a remote temple on an island where his brother Tee is a novice monk. Upon learning that Tee was accused of murder and fled, Tham sets about trying to uncover the truth from the other novices, all while under the careful watch of the Abbott and more senior monks. As he delves into the superstitions of local villagers who worship payon dolls (read: a sort of voodoo doll) that are reputed to cast spells to punish non-believers, he stumbles upon a conspiracy and terrifying and bloody events happen, all linked to the payon dolls… [Jason MAHER]


March 10, 10:10
ABC Hall

Director: Phontharis CHOTKIJSADARSOPON

Poompat IAM-SAMANG (Up)
Kunatip PINPRADAB (Nick)
Phuwin TANGSAKYUEN (Phuwin)
Thasorn KLINNIUM (Emi)

2023 | Thailand | 107 min. | Language: Thai | Subtitles: Japanese, English
Distributor: Geek Pictures

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