Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024
Life of Cloud | 第19回大阪アジアン映画祭 Osaka Asian Film Festival

Life of Cloud


Welcome aboard Afterlife Airlines. We join a passenger named Cheung. He had thought he had led a decent life pursuing the dream of making the perfect cloud but it has yet to be determined if his final destination is Heaven or Hell. A flight attendant will guide him through the process of calling witnesses to give testimonies to determine whether his life had any meaning…

Wylie CHAN offers a neat spin on crossing over to the other side as we join an airliner ploughing through the clouds, done via eye-catching set design and CG. This is accompanied by some piercing tragicomic performances that lend weight to the debate over the value of a life. [Jason MAHER]


March 3, 10:20
Nakanoshima Museum of Art Osaka 1F Hall

March 5, 10:30
Nakanoshima Museum of Art Osaka 1F Hall

Director: Wylie CHAN [陳惠沂]

CHU Pak Hong (朱栢康)
Kaki SHAM (岑珈其)
Thor LOK (駱振偉)
Candice YU On On (余安安)
LAI Yuk Ching (黎玉清)

2023 | Hong Kong | 22min | Language: Cantonese, English | Subtitles: Japanese, English
In Cooperation with Shibuya TANPEN Film Festival CLIMAX at Sasebo

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