Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024
第19回大阪アジアン映画祭「花心 ファーシン」Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024 Huaxin - Amorous Butterfly -

Blue Imagine


Noel is an aspiring actress and a victim of sexual assault. When she enters “Blue Imagine,” a share house for women who have been abused or harassed, she begins a slow process of renewing her confidence, helped along by the camaraderie found with other inhabitants who have suffered similar experiences. Gradually, she regains her courage and begins to speak out for herself and others even in the face of prejudice aimed at women. When the director who assaulted her is accused of abuse by another woman, Noel decides to confront her past.

Following Kamata Prelude, the closing title of OAFF2020, writer/producer/director MATSUBAYASHI Urara continues to address sexual harassment in the film industry with her directorial debut Blue Imagine. Another #MeToo movement work, it methodically depicts the culture of coercion, shame, and silence around the issue of abuse and the importance that support and empathy play in aiding victims in regaining their lives. [Jason MAHER]


March 3, 9:45
Cine Libre Umeda Cinema 4

Director: MATSUBAYASHI Urara (松林麗)

YAMAGUCHI Mayu (山口まゆ)
KAWATOKO Asuka (川床明日香)
KITAMURA Yui (北村優衣)
SHINTANI Yuzumi(新谷ゆづみ)
Iana BERNARDEZ(イアナ・ベルナルデス)

2024 | Japan, Philippines, Singapore | 93 min. | Language: Japanese, English, Tagalog | Subtitles: Japanese, English
Distributor: Cobalt Pictures

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