Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024

Brush of the God

カミノフデ ~怪獣たちのいる島~

Brush of the God is billed as the first and last movie by MURASE Keizo, the veteran sculptor, suitmaker who has made monster suits for many tokusatsu and kaiju classics including Godzilla, Gamera, and Kamen Rider.

His story follows a schoolgirl named Akari Tokimiya and the fantastical adventure which occurs when she visits the memorial service of her grandfather Kenzo, a master special effects man. She has unhappy memories of the old man and his passion projects, the last of which he died during the making of. At the memorial service, she meets classmate Takuya, a tokusatsu superfan, and a strange person named Hozumi, the star of the movie Kenzo was making when he died. Hozumi has with him a prop from the film, the titular “Brush of the God,” which transports Akari and Takuya into the world of the movie where they face fearsome Kaiju, including the legendary Yamata-no-orochi who is attempting to destroy everything. If they are to survive and get back to their homes, Akari and Takuya must find out the secret of the movie. [Jason MAHER]


March 2, 13:40
Cine Libre Umeda Cinema 4

Director: MURASE Keizo (村瀬継蔵)

SUZUKI Rio (鈴木 梨央)
NARAHARA Takeru (楢原嵩琉)

2024 | Japan | 74min. | Language: Japanese | Subtitles: English
Distributor: United Entertainment

©︎2024 映画「カミノフデ」製作委員会

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