Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024
The Fourth Man | 第19回大阪アジアン映画祭 Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024

Flavor of Sisterhood

[자매의 맛]

She may have moved out but Yeon-ju cannot escape her older sister Seon-ju.

After spending their twenties together, the younger sister has moved into a tiny apartment which gets invaded by her bossy bigger sibling who wastes no time embarrassing Yeon-ju with reminiscences (shown via flashback) and diktats over how to live alone. It isn’t long before the two fall back into old routines, helped along by the fact they shared the same possessions, and a long history together. The actors at the centre of the film have such great chemistry that they convince as sisters, intimate and obnoxious with each other, casual in behaviour but, as revealed with amusing dialogue, deeply committed to their sisterhood. Such warmth generated by the actors serves to reveal the gaps that have developed between the two sisters, thus evoking a sense of loss. [Jason MAHER]

March 2, 17:00
Nakanoshima Museum of Art Osaka 1F Hall

March 6, 10:30
Nakanoshima Museum of Art Osaka 1F Hall

Director: HWANG Inwon (황인원)

LEE Jaeri (이재리)
LEE Rang (이랑)

2023 | Korea | 25 min. | Language: Korean | Subtitles: Japanese, English


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