Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024

OAFF 2024 Special Opening Ceremony

18:45 on March 5 at ABC Hall

A ceremony was held before the screening of the special opening film The Moon Thieves. A total of more than 40 film talents from the OAFF 2024 films attended the ceremony.

Filmmakers in attendance

Steve YUEN Kim-Wai (Director), TANABE Kazuya (Cast)
from The Moon Thieves

Norris WONG (Director), WONG Hoi (Producer) 
from The Lyricist Wannabe

Ricky KO (Director) 
from Out of the Shadow

Fatema ABDOOLCARIM (Director), Sophia SHEK (Producer) 
from Sweet Lime

Sun-J PERUMAL (Director/Housen Short Film Award Jury Member), Rubini SAMBANTHAN (Cast), Rupini KRISHNAN (Cast), A. Samad Hassan (Post-production Supervisor)
from Fire on Water

CHIN Chia-Hua (Director)
from Trouble Girl

Angga Dwimas ASONGKO (Director/Competition Jury) 
from 13 Bombs

Inrasothythep NETH (Director)
from Tenement

Supamart Boonnil (Director)/Ratthathammanoon supapootorn (Producer) 
from Blazed Away

Amitabh Reza Chowdhury (Director), Md Assauzzaman (Producer) 
from Rickshaw Girl

Chris RUDZ (Director)
from All the Songs We Never Sang

MATSUBAYASHI Urara (Director)
from Blue Imagine

SU Yu Chun (Director)
from Inch Forward

Heso (Director), YODA Junki (Producer), GO Setsuna (Color Grading Producer), KAMEI Toshiki (Colorist)
from On a Boat

YUASA Noriko (Director), ICHIKI Kano (Cast) 
from Performing KAORU’s Funeral

SHIOTA Tokitoshi (Director)
from Ririka of the Star

FUKUOKA Sawako (Director), HORI Haruna (Cast/Short Film Award Jury), HAMADA Satsuki (Assistant Director/Cast)
from Sumiko 22

OKAZAKI Ikunosuke (Director)
from Wash Away

KAJINO Yu (Director), YOSHIDA Yo (Cast), MIYASHITA Kohei (Cinematographer) 
from A Weather Report

NAKAMURA Kazuhiro (Director)
from Amalock

SAKAUCHI Eisuke (Director)
from Faraway Family

ZHANG Yaoyuan (Director)
from Half Time

OISHI Taishi (Director), Manae (Cast)
from Ask for the Moon

YASUMOTO Miku (Director), KISHIMIZU Kotaro (Cast)
from Huaxin -Amorous Butterfly-